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Change of Blog

Well, I’m no longer in Baja so if I want to keep this blog functional I need to start writing about something else. It would make sense to talk about motorcycle travel and the like but honestly I won’t be doing much of that any time soon. Not only is Bob in need of some work (just the normal stuff… fluid and tire changes, figuring out for certain the surging problem, general love) but I am just busy doing other things at the moment. Other things that I’m getting pretty excited about though I don’t know that anyone reading this blog will be as excited about this as I am.

So what is it? Social Networking/Marketing. I’ve been frustrated watching myself and others miss the mark with Social Marketing efforts and I’ve tried to learn how to push Seattle Free School to the next level with Social Media. That means reading a lot of work and really thinking about what, how and why.

Seattle Free School operates without money and thus its success has been largely due to social media and marketing. That’s what brings my passion about it, as I know from my very own experience that it works and that it works really well (far beyond anything I thought possible).

Sure, there are a ton of other sites out there talking about social media and marketing but if you’re like me you get bogged down by what they are saying and how often they are talking about the intricacies of social networking rather than the big picture (not that it isn’t important of course!). I just don’t have time to delve that deep and perhaps if you’re reading this you don’t either. Don’t get me wrong, these are great sites with great information, I just don’t have the time to read everything nor is everything useful to me at this point.

So this site will change as I do regularly and will now be a place for me to share the interesting information and articles I find on Social Media, Web 2.0 or whatever you decide to call it.

I won’t just post articles but I’ll tell you why I think they’re important, what they are really saying (what does it mean to “have a conversation” and why does it matter?) and I’ll stick to the basics, going deeper only when necessary.

So who can use this information? Anyone. Anyone trying to figure out that Facebook or twitter thing, even if it’s just for personal use. Anyone trying to market something they’re doing using these tools (and others). Anyone with a business searching for answers why these tools just aren’t working for them. And of course due to my ties in the area, nonprofits that want to optimize their limited time to get the most bang for their buck.

There’s lots of information out there and I just wanted to find a place to share the stuff I’m finding outside of Facebook (since you aren’t all there). So here it is!

Let me know what you think, and let me know if there are questions you need answered. I may not know but I’d love to help you find it, and learn about that topic in the process!

Well, here we go!