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Merry ReGiftMas

I know so many people who despise the holidays.  They hate the consumerism and that disgust causes them to write off the holidays as a whole.

So why not simply redefine how we see the holidays?  No one can make us go to the mall or consume endlessly.  We can simply tell the marketers that “You’re not the boss of me!”

And basically that’s what I do each year.  Most years I have a super easy time shopping for gifts because I travel.  No one hates a gift from a far off place and simple things become exquisite presents when they come from afar.

But there’s always a few gifts that I don’t get while traveling.  Fortunately I make stuff and surprising as it may seem, simple made gifts outweigh purchased things in the awesome category at a rate of about ten to one.

Soap, candles, honey from my beehives, bread, cheese, you name it.  All are received with far more joy than anything I could purchase.

And often, as the title of the post would tell you, I regift.  Sometimes a person gives me something that I don’t love but I know someone else will.  Often I get things that I could use but probably won’t.  I feel no obligation to use these things, once a gift is given it’s mine to decide what happens with it.  And while somewhere the idea of regifting took on bad connotations in a world with plenty of stuff we have the right to question that belief system.  “You’re not the boss of me!”

So this is what my Christmas shopping looks like…

  1. Pick up gifts from foreign lands.  This year included a bike jersey from Lucca for my father and olive oil for others from Italy.
  2. Make soap.  Almost everyone gets some of this.
  3. Regift including a few last minute gifts delivered to my door just before the holidays from others.  Nope, I don’t even wait a year to do it.  If it’s appropriate now, it goes.
  4. Books.  When all else fails I give people books.

The especially great news is that this regifting counts towards my getting rid of things.  Between a few regifts, some old Christmas lights that were recycled and another gift of meaningful things to someone who might use them eventually my work for the last two weeks is done.