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Preserving the Harvest Safely

This Friday (tomorrow!) I’m teaching a class at the Phinney Ridge Farmer’s Market.  I’ll be teaching people how to can applesauce but more importantly I’ll be teaching people how to can safely.

If you attended the class and didn’t get a handout hopefully you’ve found this post and if you didn’t make the class below is a great list of APPROVED resources that you can use to get started on your successful canning journey.  What does approved mean?  It means it’s been tested by reliable sources often at a significant cost to insure it won’t grow anything nasty… mainly botulism.  Sure, maybe you have a great old recipe from your grandmother that she just made up and no one has died yet but you’ve gotten lucky and yes, even the acid content of our food is changing as we grow things differently (and grow different varieties) than before.  Don’t risk it.

Botulism is the most deadly toxin known to man.  In the lower 49 states botulism cases came primarily from home canned food.  Don’t risk it.

For a bit more about canning safety you can read this wonderful article written by Rebekah Denn about a class I taught with WSU.  Thanks to Rebekah I’m on the Botulism Blog… who knew there was such a thing!?

Approved Resources (places for tested recipes, etc):

  • Whatcom County MFP & SA Fact Sheets
  • Ball Website
    • www.homecanning.com – the US and Canada sites sometimes have different recipes so check out both… just remember to be super accurate with your conversions if you’re using a Canadian Recipe
  • National Center for Home Food Preservation
  • Ball Blue Book- make sure to use an up to date version.  Things change and your grandma’s 20 year old copy needs to be replaced!
  • So Easy to Preserve – http://www.uga.edu/setp/ – book and DVDs.  These can be found elsewhere (Amazon, etc) but are usually cheaper through the university
  • The documentation and recipes that come with your pressure canner


For Fun:  http://www.foodinjars.com/  A good blog that believes in using only tested recipes.  I’m uncertain where her recipes come from so do check if there’s any question.