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Just In Case

One of the best things about the Ten Things Challenge is that it’s changed how I look at my world.  Prior to the challenge everything went through a “could I possibly use this or want this later” filter.  The trouble with that filter is the answer for every object is yes.  Yes of course, at some point in the future I might just decide I want something like this.  But that rarely if ever happens because, let’s face it, if I needed to use it I’d likely be using it now.

This week a ton of fabric, old sheets and other items that were meant to be made into something or used for something were either donated or thrown away.  While it’s certainly possible that I might at some point have a use for such an item the reality is that I probably won’t.  And while I’ve saved them with the intention of forcing myself to use them it turns out I’m not particularly good at doing tasks just for the sake of doing them… using things just so I can use them.

So then the Ten Things Challenged has changed my brain on how I look at these things.  No longer must I keep things “in case” or because I should.  Now instead I look at most things as “I haven’t used you so you’re gone”.  I even consider if I really need something new even if I could use it.  Sure, another coffee cup could go into the rotation, but do I really need it or does it just add to the space required to store my stuff?

The reality is that most of this stuff will sit packed away going nowhere EVER.  And while it pains me a bit to think that at some point in the future I’ll need to purchase something I’ve given away I’d rather go there (if and when the time ever comes) then haul around this excess junk “just in case”.

What are you saving “just in case”?