Social Media Results

Most marketers will promise results to you.  But the results they promise are things like CTR, or likes on Facebook.  I’m going to suggest to you that these aren’t results, they are fluff, at least they are once you’ve established a firm community on social media.
You see, once you have an audience you shouldn’t simply be looking for likes.  What you need is sales, or for a nonprofit, donations.  And for things like events, you need people in the door.  But for whatever reason, most marketers won’t tell you they can make those things happen.

Now I will give a caveat.  If the event stinks or the product stinks no one can sell that.  But if your product is good, if your event is good, a good marketer better be able to get people in the door or get a product to sell.  And yes, it should be obvious that social made it happen.

Don’t believe me?  This Instagram post had at LEAST two people come in on a single weekday to see the bike and a number more asking about pricing.  Two people doesn’t sound like much but on a rainy weekday in January that’s actually pretty huge.

We’re not sure yet how many came in over the weekend to see the bike.  And these are just the folks who told us how they knew about the bike…  I have plenty more stories of proof of sales and event turn out to tell later but for now this is about getting people in the door during a time when no one comes in.

It can be done.  Don’t pay for someone who isn’t willing to make that happen.

A good marketer should be able to show you actual results, not just people clicking!


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