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While many dealers advertise their used bikes on Facebook, the way you go about advertising makes all of the difference between spamming your audience and giving people something they want so much they are excited not only to see it, but to share it with their friends.

One of the used bike ads I created was shared and tagged over 15 times.  That’s 15 times people actually advertised the bike FOR ME.  Think about that.  If you’re thinking that’s not a very large number, for a used bike in a small market, it’s HUGE.

This isn’t all that unusual.  Many bike ads have people sharing them or tagging friends they think might be excited about the bike.

But the important part?  Short of a handful of bikes, all of the used bikes I’ve put on Facebook have sold within a week or two of posting them on Facebook.  These are bikes that had sat on the floor for quite some time prior to being put into a Facebook ad.

Of course HOW you write these ads makes all the difference.  And therein lies the key.  Do it wrong and people will hate you.  Do it wrong and you’re just another gold-chain wearing used appliance sales person.

But do it right and not only will people be excited to see your ad, they will help you spread the word.

Facebook advertising has changed.  There is no easy button.  But when you create ads that people like it isn’t just cheap to advertise, people will help you make the money you spend go even further.

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