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Well, I haven’t posted for a while but don’t think that means I haven’t been doing the Ten Things Challenge.  Nope, despite a surgery and a nasty cold I still managed to get my ten things for these last few weeks.  Actually in the last few weeks I’ve done far more than ten things.

That said, when I’m not feeling well I allow myself to go for the low hanging fruit… it needs to be done so hey, it counts.  One such thing was the storage container drawer.  I’m guessing like me most people have an odd assortment of lids or containers missing their other half.  Or, like me, many probably keep every plastic container they have ever got from the store.  Yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream.  All of those were living just fine in a drawer too full to close.

Fortunately thanks to a new found desire to have home made food I mostly cleaned out that drawer by using the contents for the freezer.  That made it easy to get rid of the rest.  Cool container but haven’t used it ever?  Gone.  A extra lid for a yogurt container that I’ll get more of anyway?  Gone.  What’s left are containers with all their parts and more importantly, ones I will actually use.  Best yet, I can find what I’m looking for!

The second part of my massive purge actually came from my surgery.  With all the clothes I had upstairs I figured I might have something I could wear in that pile that wouldn’t irritate my surgery wounds.  I didn’t find anything but things quickly went into the goodwill pile.

Fortunately that pile headed off to the Goodwill this week.  Still so much more to go but nice to free up that space for more work.


What did you do this week?  Are there any easy to declutter drawers or closets?


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