What the Hell?

I don’t have that much to report.  Well, nothing other than utter confusion at my past self.  

What the hell were you thinking?

Why am I thinking this?  Because I have clothes from HIGH SCHOOL (yes, I’m yelling here).  I’ve been hauling this crap around for 22+ years.  Because, you know, the clothes I wore in high school are both going to fit again AND because they’re super fashionable now and, you know, forever.

Seriously, as I go through much of the things I’ve not seen for years I have to wonder what attachment made me keep things so obviously useless?  Let’s hope I don’t look back in 20 years while going through my stuff and think the same thing.

What have you found in your stuff that just makes no sense to have kept?


(I’m half tempted to post pictures of this stuff… or perhaps pictures from when I wore it… I may need to do a run to the goodwill before I commit this act of insanity!)


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