Getting Rid of the Important Stuff


There are certain things on my ditch list that are particularly hard to part with.  It’s not that these things have any usefulness.  In most cases it’s simply that I paid a lot for them or have fond memories of them.  Again, thanks Mom for giving me all my childhood stuff…

A year or so ago I gave away my childhood rocking chair.  I’d rocked the crap out of that chair and for that reason ditching it at the Goodwill just wasn’t an option.  Fortunately friends have kids and now there’s another tiny person rocking out in my old chair.  That’s a win for everyone in my book and parting with these memorable items is doable when there’s a connection to where it’s going.

Just this week my bestest friend from childhood messaged me on Facebook:

Kate: “Last night while I was reading a Christmas book to my son they had a train that went around the tree. I had to tell him the story of your giant house and giant train that went through your living room.”

Me: “ha!  well here’s a question. Do you want that train?  I have it upstairs and it’s going somewhere… I’d love it to go to you if you’d want it (and no big deal if you don’t)… and it’s really not that big of a train, though I remembered it that way too until I opened it up as an adult!!”

How awesome is that?  Now new little people will have memories of gigantic trains and I have one less memorable thing I have to deal with.  Sure, I could have sold it but it’s so much more meaningful to have given this childhood thing to someone who also has memories of it, and who will make new memories with it.

I also gave away some special PVC tubing joints and what not that were expensive but mostly useless to me.  I’d kept them because you can’t get them at a hardware store and I “just might need them”.  Now they belong to someone who will likely build a rocket with them… or at least do something with them.  Hopefully we’ll go to the moon for some cheese…


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