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There are benefits and drawbacks to making the Ten Things program so easy.  The benefit is that if I don’t get around to it during the week I can still easily get my 10 things done last minute.  The drawback is the same thing… it’s easy to procrastinate until the last minute.

That said, at this point there’s enough junk around my home that procrastination in no way upsets my ability to find 10 things.

A simple trip into the attic found many things I really didn’t need.  Old clothes I’ve not worn in ten years that I’ve been keeping because…. who knows?  Some of them I figured I’d cut into scraps for the quilting I’ve never done.  Others I suppose I kept just in case I needed pants to paint in… you know, more than the one pair I always use and still have.  Either way a few items of this low hanging fruit headed into the goodwill box without even really having to look at them.

The other items were also easy.  More books.  In this case a high school chemistry book and a college physics book.  Kept around because at some point I might need to randomly practice advanced chemistry at home and the internet might not have the information I need.  Don’t laugh, it could happen.

And yet it hasn’t.  As surprising as this is I’ve yet to need to do that since I first packed up that chemistry book 23 years ago.  In fact I don’t think I’ve even so much as cracked the thing open since then.  And yet rather obviously it’s moved with me many times.  First to Bellingham for college including the many places I lived while there, to Puyallup, Tacoma and then to Olympia and the many places I lived in that town.  Then on to Seattle where I’ve lived in 4 different places.  Yes, I’ve hauled this book around to so many different homes it really should have more meaning to me… or it’s own bedroom.  I should have at least opened it once in that time to make the effort worthwhile.

But sadly I kept it because I just might want to use it, just like most of the other things I don’t know exist upstairs in my attic.  If only stuff came with the same “last used” function that computer programs show when you’re thinking of purging.  Perhaps if I could have easily seen “you’ve not opened this book for 5 years” I would have ditched it earlier.

As an information junky I’m very glad the internet exists.  No longer do I need to haul around chemistry books I’ll never use on the off chance that I might just need it someday.  Better yet none of you now need to worry about me accidentally blowing something up by considering using this book when, let’s face it, I really shouldn’t.

The world can rest easy tonight.  You’re welcome.

photo by Horia Varlan on Flickr


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