Taking Action


Well I’d love to pretend that I did some sort of amazing purge of stuff this last week but with only a few days to get my ten things I went for the low hanging fruit.

First I gave away two Thermarests and a chair kit for them to a good friend.  I can no longer use them as they aren’t thick enough for my sad back and while it seemed so crazy to give away something “valuable” like this I’d rather see these go to a good home then never be used in my attic.  It’s funny isn’t it how things that were useful in the past are so difficult to get rid of even when we know they’ll not be useful again.

Secondly came what felt like the big cheat.  Books.  I have a LOT of books.  But the really interesting thing is that there were fewer books on my bookshelf that I wanted to give away than I would have expected.  No, not because there were books that were simply too cherished to give away.  No, there were simply a huge number of books I’ve never read.  I can’t tell you how many times I go to the bookstore to get a book as I simply must have something to read when right in my own home there are tons of “good books” that I’ve never cracked open.

Pretty eye-opening to see myself buying things I literally don’t need.

Don’t get me wrong, I love books and when I can’t get something from the library I likely will still buy it.  But I think for now I’ll just keep a list and get those after I’ve gone through the endless books I already have!

I should note that these books have yet to leave my house.  I find I get great used book rates in Portland at Powell’s, allowing me a new book or two without spending a dime so these will stay in my home in their bag ready to go until my next trip south.  I expect I’ll be adding a lot more to them soon!

What were your ten things for the week?


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One response to “Taking Action

  • Jeffrey

    I have started to make a Goodwill box and gift box for the things we are wanting to get rid of in the new apartment. I just moved in last month, and the study room is acting as the staging area for the boxes we haven’t gone through. It needs to be usable by the 28th of this month, I will be sure to post some of the more interesting things I discover in this purging process.

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