Many of you may be at this site due to the cheesemaking classes I’ve been teaching lately.  While hopefully you’ve kept your handout I’m going to be posting a bunch of information here about cheesemaking so you have some resources (AND RECIPES!) handy.

As we talked about in most of my classes, mozzarella is often sold to beginning cheese makers as a good “starter” cheese but as we talked about, it won’t stretch if the acidity isn’t correct.  Since very few folks will tell you that you’re often left thinking you’ve failed miserably when your mozzarella didn’t stretch when really, it had nothing to do with you.  Well this recipe is something that seems to work a bit more consistently than most.  To find out where I got this recipe and more information about the best and cheapest vacation you can have in Washington make sure you read below.



2 gallons cold milk
3 teaspoons citric acid (this may vary with the milk taking more or less)
Liquid Rennet
Mesophilic starter packet (optional)

  1. dissolve citric acid in warm water and stir into cold milk
  2. Bring milk temp up to 90 degrees
  3. You may add lactic culture to develop flavor (1 packet of Mesophilic starter culture)
  4. stir in 1 teaspoon liquid rennet diluted in 1 cup of water
  5. Let set for 1/2 hour then cut into small cubes
  6. stir gently slowly raising temperature to 95
  7. When curds settle to bottom of vat drain off the whey and cover curds with 145 degree water
  8. Stretch curds, form curds into balls and drop in cold water
If you give this recipe a go let me know how it worked for you by posting in the comments below.
OK, so more about where this recipe came from and amazing vacations right?
This recipe is from Lora Lea Misterly of Quillisascut Farm over in Rice Washington.  Not only do they make amazing cheese there but they’ve opened an educational program (some years ago now) and while “school” doesn’t often seem like a vacation this was quite honestly one of the best, most rejuvenating things I’ve ever done.  There are a ton of classes now, all posted here but any of them will be one of the best experiences of your life.  Not only will you learn but you’ll be treated to the most local food you’ve likely ever eaten as most everything that can be is grown on the farm (even the walnuts even though they’re not supposed to grow well in Rice!).  I’m not sure which classes include cheesemaking but just ask and I’m sure they’ll let you know.  It might be that $700 seems like a lot to you but you must realize that you’ll be on a beautiful farm, eating the best food you could eat for three meals a day and learning as well, all for almost a week.  It’s more than worth it folks.


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