My new love

Yeah, OK, so my new love is twitter.  I think you all got that by now.  Some of you are probably thinking “but I tried that twitter thing and I hate it!”  Or maybe you just don’t have time for another social media tool.  That’s fine.  While I suspect you’d probably learn to love twitter with just a few tweaks in what you’re doing there (and I’ll get to that eventually with this blog) there’s no reason you have to jump right in if you’re not ready.  It’s fine to find the place you love and hang out there for a while.  Just make sure you’re open to new ideas and change when the time comes.

Everyone loves Fans!

So on that front, many of you have already started a Facebook fan page for your organization.  That’s GREAT!  But you might be wondering what you’re doing there and that could be a very good question.  Just today on twitter I was asked ” What Facebook tips would you share with organizations starting on Facebook? What makes a great FB post? How often? Random ideas?”  Seems like everyone has questions on this.  Of course I intend on sharing a great article I’ve found with you but first let me tell you some answers, as I see them, to these questions.

First, just like ANYTHING you do, know your audience.  This is getting redundant isn’t it?  Are the clients you serve following you on Facebook?  No?  Then why would you post as if they were?  See, you have a problem.  Either you need to get your clients following you on Facebook (which might not be possible depending on where your clients hang out) or you need to start talking to the people who are on Facebook.  If you don’t do these things eventually you’ll have no one following you on Facebook (or better yet people who have muted you, making you think they’re listening when they really aren’t).  If you’re not talking to me about things that I at least sometimes find interesting I’m probably going to stop being your fan.  It’s just the way it is.

Second, don’t spam me!  I have around 300 friends on Facebook.  With fan pages it’s probably more than that.  If I log on and see that you’ve FILLED the page with posts I can almost guarantee I will stop following you.  Why?  Because even if ALL of that information was completely important to me, I’m overwhelmed by it.  I won’t read it all and most likely I’m going to miss anything I find important because I actually won’t read any of it.  I’m too busy trying to mute you.  So space out your posts and know you’ll have a much better chance of people really reading what you’re writing, which is sort of the point isn’t it?

OK, some other great ideas for firming up your Facebook fan page strategy are here.


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