Your grandpa’s a tweeter

He’s a what? 

At some point you may be thinking, “well, the people I’m trying to reach aren’t on Facebook, they aren’t on Twitter, they just don’t use social media” and you may well be right.  The first step to any social media plan is determining where your people are and what they prefer for communication.  Of course far too often we make assumptions about the people we’re trying to reach and that is a big, bad no-no.  Even if you don’t make assumptions the world is changing, quickly, so what might have been true yesterday isn’t necessarily true today.

Don’t believe me?  Well this last year the use of social media grew remarkably for both boomers and “matures” (those from 63-75 years old).  So yes, your grandpa may well be a tweeter, or be on Facebook.  And even if your grandpa isn’t, many are and there are more joining all the time.  The lesson here is don’t assume your market doesn’t use social media.  Even if they aren’t big on it just yet they probably will be, and wouldn’t it be nice if you were there ready to meet them when they show up?

And for those of you who need to convince someone somewhere that social media is valuable here’s an article talking about how social media is the top priority for marketers in 2010… if they think it’s important shouldn’t you?


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