Wow, a day off the bike is really quite nice.  Woke up when I felt like it and went for a lovely breakfast.  After poking around for a while and buying some stuff I don´t need I took a long siesta and enjoyed the quiet and dark of my room.  I spent some time talking to a vendor across the street from my hotel, his name escapes me now, who also has a motorcycle and was excited to talk to me about Bob.  It turns out that he is from Cancun and also thinks the roads here in Baja are insane.  Funny to hear a relative local say the same thing I was thinking.

Later I took a taxi to the nearest beach and then walked back.  Sadly there was no swimming as the shore is super steep and thus the coast is very dangerous.  The walk back was perfect though my calves are killing me from these last few days of walking.  Apparently all this riding has made me lose some of those walking muscles!

For those of you that wonder why I didn’t ride there let me just say this, I don’t ride without full gear and I just really didn’t want to put all that crap on today.  I wanted a day completely away from the motorcycle and I got it and loved it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love riding, but this is the first time ever I’d rode every single day for more then a week and I needed a break.  Hmm… how much more then a week?  Wait, what day is it?

Gotta say this town is a bit weird.  First there’s all the cruise boat style tourists up from Los Cobos for the day.  Never heard so many different American accents and yes, they did seem rather obnoxious.  I will say that not all the tourists from other countries are peachy either… at least a few are just as ugly as the ugly American.

To top that off there’s the expats here.  I hate to group them together but it is interesting how people seem to be in this type of community.  With the gossip and crankiness it’s almost as if there isn’t enough drama here on it’s own so there’s a determination to make some.  I guess we all need something different in our lives and maybe when things are too easy we just want to make them hard?  An interesting thing to consider as we think about a peaceful world.  Would that really truly make us happy?  But then that’s another thought for another time.

For a quick report for anyone heading this way, the hotel California is lovely.  Even the rooms on the street are quiet with the  AC on.  The owner is a cranky expat who is so terribly negative that you really should limit your contact with her as much as possible.  Fortunately her employees are fantastic and really helpful.

I keep trying to figure out my plan back but realized that I´m just going to go day by day.  Some days require a plan, for example there are days where there´s nothing for 200 miles so ending up at dark in the middle of that wouldn’t be good.  But having a general path for the day and knowing a few stopping points is just going to have to appease my over planning mind.  Tomorrow I’m camping,  assuming the places aren´t closed!


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