Just too lazy to fit these in where they should go so here you are…


Bob's first night on the road

Rest Area pictures

roadside pictures

Run to the hills...

Airheads take over San Diego BMW


DIY oil cooler bypass for the R100GS


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2 responses to “Pictures

  • jessicadally

    Not sure where the descriptions went so here they are…
    first night’s dinner far nicer then first night’s lodging!

    Rest area pics just coming out of the rain.

    Met up with the boy’s at San Diego BMW. Nice to have humans to converse with for more then a minute or two again.

    Colin ready for Baja. This is what happens when a boy from Baltimore puts on shorts…. apparently.

    Oil cooler bypass DIY. This one probably won’t leak and if it doesn’t I’m coming back for my own. About $10 less then the leaky one from Touratech.

  • shawn & jamie

    glad to catch up on your blog!

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