So what am I doing? Well, basically riding solo to and through Baja Mexico. I decided on Mexico because, well, it’s getting late in the year and heading in any other direction is a bit more of an adventure then I’m up for. I’ve never travelled out of the country on my own and never on a motorcycle so it seemed like a good adventure. Certainly more sane then say, shipping the bike to Russia for my first solo motorcycle trip out of the country!

Turns out I’ll be riding a bit with my friends Colin, Spencer and Frenchy (also known as Jerome) as they journey even farther south to Tierra del Fuego. We’ll possibly cross the border together and ride for a bit in Mexico.

Well, that’s the plan but I’m probably not sticking to it!


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2 responses to “What?

  • shawn & jamie

    May the road rise up to meet you…Salud!

  • the fun police

    Study your spanish chica. Best of luck, down there. Don’t pass ensenada. it is the nicest town in the northern baja and it is a long way to another nice place from there. I love mexico, though I am not a big fan of the baja. I would strongly recommend hitting TJ hanging a left and going down the mainland – cheaper, less desert, and well, less desert. If you make it to La Paz, make sure to contact me I have a few goood suggestions of what to do there and a few good places to stay. Suerte amiga!


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