Almost there…

Well I leave on Saturday and there’s still a bit to do but I’m not swimming now.  I’ve copied all of my important documents so I can hand them out as real should I get stopped by fake police (or corrupt versions of the real ones) while in Mexico.  Basically the scam is that they take your documents and then need a bribe to get them back, claiming that you’ve violated some law or the other and need to pay a fine.  This allows me to say “hey, you keep it” and not worry about it.

Still working on the what to bring list.  This will be my first real camping with motorcycle trip and I’m finding it difficult to decide what to bring.  Even a backpack is easier as there’s a bit less to think about.  Fortunately I spend a decent chunk of time in the states before I actually get to Mexico (OK, only a few days) so hopefully I can sort out anything missing in that period of time.  If nothing else I’m sure I can pick up whatever I need there… I won’t die though when packing it’s sometimes hard to remember this.  You’d love to get every single part right but that never happens.

Currently the plan is to ride to somewhere in Southern Oregon the first night and camp out.  This being past the end of the camping season there are only a few camp spots actually open so I might be limited as to where I can stay.  There is a fantastical 100% chance of rain prediction on the NOAA site so maybe I’ll wind up not camping that night… getting drenched and then trying to dry out while raining in a tent is not necessarily a great idea.  One of these days I’ll leave on a road trip without a bunch of rain… well, maybe if I stop taking my vacations in late Fall!


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